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fortunetelling shop in Hudson, Mitlo and other area clairvoyants say their businesses offer unique  foresight - an exclusivity not lost on the selectmen who approve them.
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Frankly, I was skeptical about psychic readings. I happened across Hudson psychic web site, and spent a lot of time reading her articles. She seemed to have a lot of depth to her, not the average psychic that I'd seen advertised on TV. So one day when I found myself needing some guidance, I gave her a call. I'm no longer a skeptic. My psychic reading with Hudson psychic was so accurate that it sent chills through me. She nailed my life and the situation I was in precisely, and this was with me not talking at all! I just gave her my name, date of birth, where I was born, and asked one question. Wow. I'm impressed! --
Hudson psychic
April 25, 2011 by mj, Iowa in Cheshire, MA

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HUDSON psychic
When Gina Mitlo looks into the future, she sees herself running a successful fortune telling business. Selectmen approved her vision last night, as the board granted Mitlo a license for her business, Astrology Plus, on Washington Street. "Did you know that was going to happen?" Executive Assistant Paul Blazer joked shortly after selectmen approved the license. For the past three months, Mitlo has provided tarot card reading and astrology services at Astrology Plus, across the street from Petco, and she is excited to tell the fortunes of Hudson's residents. She had an existing license to do the tarot card readings. "I was born with the ability to look into the future," said Mitlo. "I like helping people." Mitlo will begin telling fortunes immediately. "I'm so happy to be in Hudson," said Mitlo.
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“The level of service at Hudson Psychic is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Hudson Psychic was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

 Marion, I was married ...and then i found my soul mate another lover..i was so worried id never be with him & that my husband would find out...but  GINA pushed my lover to me so now im divorced from my ex-lover and happily married!!thanks GINA

Zorina , i thought i had was fine then one day i lost my job i have 2 kids and a wife and being the bread winner i needed work and fast but i loved my job!! i went to Hudson psychic and before i knew it i got called back to work and 3 months later i got promoted thanks to her work and that wonderful woman GINA thank you again & happy new year!!!

Anita Scheherazade, My eldest son who was 17 at the time was going thou a very rough time in life...he was doing poorly in school and was having a hard time finding a job and he never wanted to talk to me or his father our family got worried he got very frail looking, we took him to the doctor and found out he was on drugs we took him to rehab .. and after that didn't work i didn't no what to do i seen an ad for THE HUDSON PSYCHIC i was sceptible at first but after the work she did for me within 1 week my son was feeling better ...i was so happy and sinse OCT 08 hes been drug free!!! thanks to psychic GINA my families savior and my best friend thank you.

Marshal, My problem i thought was unsolvable being east Indian marriage was being arranged but i was in love with someone else and the woman i was being arranged to marry i did not love my family didnt approve of the woman i was in love with i felt trapped i didnt want to hurt anyone and i didnt want to live life unhappy so finaly i went to see PSYCHIC GINA  and she helped me over come this problem and now my family has approved the woman im in love with and now were excpecting a beautiful baby boy! now me and my wife are were we want to be today. i thank GINA for her prayers and all her work she has done theres not enough words to express my gratitude.

Brook viano-I was so scared & so in love at the same time I was in love with my co-worker we been working together for about a year in a half thats when i devolped feelings for him and wasnt sure if he had feelings for me at all i never had the courage to tell him how I felt and i knew he probaly wouldnt be to intrested in me im the quite & shy type and he was so spontaneous and out going i just wanted to be with him.......then i found out that he started going out with some one ...i was devastated I felt like there was no hope like it was all over i didnt even want to wake up in the morning ...I seen THE HUDSON PSYCHIC add and decided to call her i explained to her my problem i went to see her and I WAS AMAZED! THE WORK SHE DID FOR ME WAS REMARKABLE! 

within 1 week the man i loved left the woman he was with the week after that he began to stir up alot of conversation with me before i knew it the end of the moth came and he told me "Brook i realy been thinking of you alot and i want you to know i have feelings for you and i left the other woman and i want to be with you if that ok?I literally lost my breath i was speachless my eyes started tearing and hugged him we been together for 6 moths so far....if it wasnt for Psychic GINA & her work none of this would be a reality my reality thank you Gina for my new life lots of love Brook viano.

Mathew,I got cut off from work they were doin cut backs and out of 10 workers they picked me I couldnt find a job at all because all the cut backs and the recession i was low on cash i needed a job and soon and I been working construction almost all my life so i wasnt realy skilled at much else and I didnt realy wana be fliping burgers my whole life and no one got back to my resumes or I was just denied then a friend told me about "The HUdson psychic " they had a similiar problem to mine he said she helped him so i figured id try it out I must say i was very skepticle at first but I was wowed by her it was like I was a new man!! i got a job about a week after seeing her and it was in what i wanted the most "construction" I was back to work and back to getting paid FINALY! thanks to Gina awesome work thanks a million.

Sophia - Hi well here it goes my problems were very very stressful on me and my emotional health see i was with my boyfriend whose name i wont mention for obvious reasons and i was happy regular stresses of life but nothing serious but one day unexpectedly out of the mid blue another woman entered his life and apparently they were just friends" i really didn't care much at first but i seen the way she looked at him I know she was very interested in him but i know he wasn't too interested in her at least at that moment but as a little time went on she was more with my boyfriend just hanging out going to restaurants together not to mention we all went to the same college i just didn't want it i didn't want here around my boyfriend i didn't know how to keep her away and yea i tried spending as much time with my boyfriend as i can but.. I'm in college juggling my studies and my job was not easy and the stress of not knowing what she might try and do to my boyfriend & knowing i couldn't get rid of her it made me so stressed i think i didn't eat for 2 days straight & i was jacked up on Starbucks Id cry every few minutes i was a wreck.

So I came across  Hudson psychic add and decided to read up more about Gina on her web site .... so I decided to give her a try so I called her and then i met her at her studio a few days later after we met i decided I wanted her help so i got it .And after she helped me within only a matter of 7 or 8 days the heaviness from my chest the turning in my stomach finally faded away ... emotionally I came back to normal and a few days after that my boyfriend was coming around me a little more then usual but he would still see that other woman sometimes but more rarely and about 3-4 weeks after that and this is what surprised me and made me the HAPPIEST! that Woman totally transferred to a different school all together out of the Toronto district so they don't even talk or see each other anymore which I was ecstatic about :) !!!!!!!! thank you Gina I appreciate it so much 

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