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July 2011

psychic party & entertainment


 psychic gina  from Hudson
your party psychic entertainment

Tired of the usual Tupperware or other potentially boring party? Try something fun and unique this time. Try a Home Psychic Party! This is a fun evening with you and your friends. Add a psychic entertainer and you have all the ingredients for a great time.

The evening starts with some light refreshments while everyone arrives. Once we have everybody in place, our psychic will have several demonstrations of psychic phenomena along with some experiments to test your own psychic abilities. This time might also include a brief demonstration of the type of psychic reading everyone will be getting individually along with some basic instruction in its' technique.

Once this is done, each of your guests (and you) will get a brief, private psychic reading. * During this session, individual questions can be answered and the future revealed. What areas in your life are you wanting help in?

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 My party psychic readings are accurate and in-depth -- yet fun, positive, and uplifting. They are fast, yet to the point.To find out more about the Psychic Party and Educational Seminar Services CLICK ON MY WEB SITE, Host your own... Psychic Party OR  for parties, Corporate Events for bridal shower, sweet sixteen, Bat mitzvah- the most fun & fascinating psychic readings CALL FOR APPOINTMENT

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